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Are you kept up at night by a legal dispute that you have been unable to resolve? Do you desire results-oriented business or technology-related legal advice and services delivered in a timely, predictable and cost-effective manner? Do you want the peace of mind that comes from using an experienced business attorney to help you solve your legal problems or take advantage of business opportunities?


Then consider adding me to your management team as trusted legal adviser or engaging me to mediate your dispute.


I deliver results and peace of mind.


I offer part time general counsel services to growing companies as well as fixed fee and other alternative billing arrangements. I make full use of technology to deliver timely legal and collaborative advice and services at a reasonable price. I am committed to providing legal counsel using the internet and other electronic media to the greatest extent possible and I am always available to meet with you in your offices.


Whenever practicable, I provide a flat fee or "not to exceed" estimate up front. I also handle some legal matters for a reduced flat fee paid in installments plus a contingency (typically 20%) if the specifics of your matter call for it.  Some of my clients prefer to pay retainers that cover the provision of a variety of services on a regular basis. Others require only specific assistance on a one-time basis, such as the review or negotiation of a particular contract.


In all cases, I will work with you to agree on a win-win, creative arrangement that meets your needs.