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InHouse OutSourced™ Retainer Package

You can engage Anthony Cerminaro on a “retainer” basis, for as long as you determine based on your business needs, for a fixed fee, confirmed in advance, for an agreed number of days on your site per month. The scope of services to be provided would be agreed in advance and tailored to meet your needs, but would generally be expected to include the following:




Maintain your organization’s corporate minute books or other organizational records up to date, including preparation of shareholder and director resolutions required during the applicable period(s), and complete, where necessary, required shareholder or other ownership interest documentation;




Review, draft, negotiate and advise on contracts and commitments, including: purchase and distribution contracts; leases; finance/security agreements; shareholder, partnership and/or other alliance agreements; software and other intellectual property licensing agreements


Human Resources


Draft, review and negotiate “standard” and other employment contracts and provide legal advice, as needed, with respect to terminations, hiring and other employment-related issues.


Intellectual Property Protection


Provide advice, as needed, with respect to trade-marks, patents, copyright, design, trade secrets and other intellectual property used, owned or developed, with recommendations for its protection and exploitation;


Communicate, proactively, intellectual property issues to relevant staff, including marketing, sales, info tech and management.


Dispute Avoidance / Dispute Resolution


Advise, proactively, on how to avoid disputes and litigation, and on alternative methods of dispute resolution, as well as assist in dispute resolution, including negotiating settlements.


Coordination and Management of Outside Counsel


Where a legal issue arises which is outside the scope of the retainer, either because of extraordinary time requirements or specific expertise needed (for example a lawsuit, environmental issue, patent filing or other specific intellectual property applications or prosecutions, or going public), services would include:


Assistance in the selection and engagement of appropriate “outside” counsel; and


Monitoring and management of counsel and the progress of the matter, both as to time and cost.