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OnCall BizAttorney™ Package

Nothing is more frustrating about the billable hour billing system than the fact that it discourages clients from contacting their attorneys for helpful legal advice.


If you want to have the freedom to call your business lawyer, as needed, without worrying about the “meter running” each time, the OnCall BizAttorney™  legal service retainer program may be the answer.


For a fixed fee, to be agreed on in advance based on expected needs, you will be free to contact me by phone, fax or e-mail - just to confirm something you aren’t quite sure about; or if you do have a legal issue, to confirm whether it’s major or something easily resolved.


Perhaps most importantly, this encourages you to be proactive, to ask about issues before they become problems, and not wait until it’s too late.


The scope of the retainer, the term and the fee would all be agreed upon in advance. If a matter arises which is outside the agreed-on scope, I would advise you on possible next steps and you can determine whether, to what extent and on what terms you would require additional services.