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Ducks-in-a-Row™ Service Package

If you want to prevent the “piercing of the corporate veil” by ensuring that you are following corporate formalities or you are considering the sale of your business or a major financing, you must have your legal ducks in a row. For a fixed fee, confirmed in advance, I will undertake specific tasks that may include the following to bring your business legal “house” in order:




Bring all of your corporate minute books or other organizational records up to date, including preparation of all necessary shareholder and director resolutions, and complete all other required shareholder or other ownership interest documentation;




Review your overall business structure from a legal perspective, and provide recommendations;


Review your major contracts and other commitments, including: customer and supplier contracts; distribution contracts; leases/offers to lease; financing and security agreements; joint venture, shareholder, partnership and/or other alliance agreements, and provide recommendations, if any;


If applicable, recommend other contractual arrangements and draft the documentation required.


Human Resources


Review your employment contracts and provide recommendations, if any;


Review your hiring and employment termination practices, and provide recommendations if needed;


Review your workplace policies (health and safety, human rights, harassment) and provide recommendations, if needed;


Review your business’s employment dispute history and, if necessary, provide proactive recommendations.


Intellectual Property


Review the intellectual property used, owned, or developed in the course of your business (including trade names, trade-marks, copyright, designs, patents, trade secrets), with recommendations for its protection and exploitation.




Determine the specific compliance, licensing or permit needs applicable to your business, and advise on compliance measures.